Self-Reg and the Three R’s

This is the third blog post in our series on Self-Reg. Our first blog post explained what self-regulation and stress is, and how caregivers can help children with managing their stress. Our second blog post was about self-regulation and the Interbrain (the communication channel between a caregiver and a child). Now we want to provide [...]

Self-Reg and the Three R’s2021-12-09T08:39:22-05:00

Self-regulation and The Interbrain

In Dr. Stuart Shanker’s book Self-Reg we are introduced to helpful ways to break a child’s and a child care provider’s stress cycle and successfully engage with life. One tool that Dr. Shanker has introduced us to in this book is the Interbrain, or a shared intuitive channel of communication. Think of it this way. [...]

Self-regulation and The Interbrain2021-12-09T08:39:22-05:00


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