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Ever dreamed about working internationally? What about immersing into a new culture or learning a new language? Being an Au Pair is a life-changing experience that will help you increase independence, have new adventures and gain competitive advantages for future endeavours.

What is an Au Pair?

Image of an au pair with children

An Au Pair is a young adult, usually between 18-30 years old, who lives with a host family to provide child care abroad. An Au Pair might also be asked to provide some light housekeeping while the family is away at work and school. They are immersed in the culture to learn new customs, traditions and even a new language!

“Au Pair” is a French term which is defined as “equal to”. This means that Au Pairs build a reciprocal relationship with a host family of respect, communication and cultural exchange. An Au Pair acts as a “big sister” to the host child(ren).

Why be an Au Pair?

Au Pairs have a unique cultural exchange by experiencing daily life with an international family. By fully immersing into a new culture, Au Pairs can learn new customs and share their own culture with the family. They make new international friends who are also working as Au Pairs!

Being an Au Pair abroad is an excellent experience for anyone looking to:

  • Have a new adventure
  • Enhance child care skills
  • Make international friends
  • Discover new parts of the world
  • Fully immerse into a culture
  • Gain a competitive advantage on a resume
  • Learn a new language
Photo of an au pair enjoying some time with new friends in a new culture

What are the requirements of an Au Pair?

Photo of an au pair playing outside with a child

In order to be an Au Pair you must:

  • Be between 18-29 years old
  • Have minimum of 200 hours of child care experience (eg. babysitting, volunteering, coaching, tutoring, etc.)
  • Have funds to travel to and from country
  • Have high school or same level certificate
  • Be English or French speaking
  • Have a mature, flexible and independent nature
  • Be a Canadian citizen
  • Have a valid passport

Assets of an Au Pair:

  • Driver’s license
  • Swimming ability

Where can I go?

We are partnered with agencies across the globe! Be an Au Pair in:

  • Australia – Ever dreamed of surfing with the pros? Cuddling with a Koala? Or finding P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney? Go down under for your Au Pair experience! Live with an Aussie family for 6-9 months all while taking in the outdoorsy culture of Australia.
  • New Zealand – A Kiwi family is waiting for a bright, energetic and English speaking applicant like you! Stay for 6-12 months in beautiful New Zealand; a perfect location for applicants with an Early Childhood Education degree. Au Pairs in New Zealand get support and resources from a qualified ECE teacher!
  • France – Say “bonjour!” to a host family from France. This historic country has so much to offer an applicant looking to expand on their French language skills all while eating delicious cheese! Many families looking for an English/French speaking applicant who can teach their child(ren) a new language.
Photo of an au pair with a new friend in Paris, France in front of Notre Dame cathedral
Photo of an au pair with a new friend in England, next to a classic double decker bus on red British telephone booth
  • Spain – Run with the bulls and eat tapas daily in beautiful Spain! This Au Pair program runs for either 1-3 months during the summer or 3-12month during the school year. Brush up on your Spanish and get ready your salsa shoes ready!
  • United Kingdom – Be an Au Pair in jolly ole England! Spend up to 12 months with a host family and bask in the beautiful “roaring fields” that Ed Sheeran can’t stop singing about.

*Specific for applicants with Early Childhood Education degree/background

What is the process?

Step 1: Call or email us to speak with an agent to decide upon a destination.
Step 2: Fill out necessary paperwork:
– Application form
– “Dear Host Family” letter and pictures
– Character and child care references
– Required visa documents (different for each country)
Step 3: Have a 90-minute interview with an agent
Step 4: Look at host family profiles
Step 5: Interview and speak with potential host family twice
Step 6: Choose a family
Step 7: Pack!
Step 8: Fly to your new country and meeting your host family!

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Mission Statement

To provide excellent, cultural and reliable in-home childcare and foster a mutual relationship of respect and belonging between host families and au pairs.


To build a Canadian network of au pair services that embraces child rearing in a uniquely cultural environment, empowering young adults to reach new limits and develop new relationships.