Au Pair Solution to Huntsville Child Care Desert!

MyMukokaNow.Com just published an article called Less Than a Third of Kids in Huntsville Have an Available Child Care Space. Yup! You read that correctly; a third! The data comes from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives where they have dubbed the area a child care desert. That means that Huntsville is in a postal [...]

Au Pair Solution to Huntsville Child Care Desert!2021-12-09T08:36:29-05:00

Best 7 Outdoor Activities To Do With Kids This Summer!

Summer is here! Say goodbye to trips on the school bus and say hello to endless hours of outdoors time! With all of these hours, what is a super fun caregiver to do? We have just the list of activities for you to take on with the littles on this summer: Rock Tic-Tac-Toe: The beloved game [...]

Best 7 Outdoor Activities To Do With Kids This Summer!2021-12-09T08:36:30-05:00

Child Development Domains and Skills: Infants

To continue on with our blog topic of Child Development, today we are going to talk about the different domains and skills that infants should be reaching in their development. In this blog series, infants refer to those between birth to 24 months. All of our information is coming from  "Foundational knowledge from the 2007 publication [...]

Child Development Domains and Skills: Infants2021-12-09T08:38:56-05:00

All You Need To Know About Child Development

The best way you can help a child grow is to understand them. Knowledge of what growth stage they are at and where they are heading to allows you, as a caregiver, to set them up for success. But what is child development and what are the aspects that we need to know about? In [...]

All You Need To Know About Child Development2021-12-09T08:38:58-05:00

“Play to Learn” Child Care

The new Ministry of Education curriculum heavily emphasizes “Play to Learn” style in all licensed Day Care Centres and Kindergarten classrooms. But what exactly is “Play to Learn” and what are the benefits of it? According to The Full-Day Early Learning- Kindergarten Program (2010-2011), “It has been long acknowledged that there is a strong link [...]

“Play to Learn” Child Care2021-12-09T08:39:23-05:00


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