Scrambling Parents in Toronto Can Hire an Au Pair as Alternative to Ministry of Education Care Centres

Recently, an article was released in the Globe and Mail about an after-school care centre being forced to close down for two days out of five because the Ministry of Education found non-compliances in their program. This is caused many parents to scramble to find care for their children. Within the past two years, the [...]

Scrambling Parents in Toronto Can Hire an Au Pair as Alternative to Ministry of Education Care Centres2021-12-09T08:39:05-05:00

How an Au Pair Will Save You Time

Recently I went to a meeting with local entrepreneurs to collaborate on our business ventures, personal journeys and to provide a space of encouragement. There were people from all backgrounds, ages and businesses. A constant through the conversations was finding time. One person even expressed their struggle with expanding their business because of coordinating child [...]

How an Au Pair Will Save You Time2021-12-09T08:39:22-05:00

Self-Reg and the Three R’s

This is the third blog post in our series on Self-Reg. Our first blog post explained what self-regulation and stress is, and how caregivers can help children with managing their stress. Our second blog post was about self-regulation and the Interbrain (the communication channel between a caregiver and a child). Now we want to provide [...]

Self-Reg and the Three R’s2021-12-09T08:39:22-05:00

How Can Children Self-Regulate?

The universe has give child care a beautiful gift in the package of Dr. Stuart Shanker. Shanker is a Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Psychology at York University and the CEO of the MEHRIT Centre, Ltd. Stuart has also worked with the government of Canada to help regulate child care. So, why is [...]

How Can Children Self-Regulate?2021-12-09T08:39:22-05:00

“Play to Learn” Child Care

The new Ministry of Education curriculum heavily emphasizes “Play to Learn” style in all licensed Day Care Centres and Kindergarten classrooms. But what exactly is “Play to Learn” and what are the benefits of it? According to The Full-Day Early Learning- Kindergarten Program (2010-2011), “It has been long acknowledged that there is a strong link [...]

“Play to Learn” Child Care2021-12-09T08:39:23-05:00


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