Outdoor Spring Activities for Kids


Spring has sprung! We can see it in the flowers pushing through the ground, the sun rising before 7:30am and the warmer weather brushing our cheeks. To say we are thrilled is an understatement! It's time to get out the rain boots, light jackets and sunglasses. Your own backyard will provide hours of entertainment for [...]

Outdoor Spring Activities for Kids2021-12-09T08:36:27-05:00

A Guide in Celebrating Thanksgiving with Your Au Pair


Thanksgiving is around the corner! We thought we would give you a step-by-step guide of how to celebrate Thanksgiving with your Au Pair. Step 1: Explain What Thanksgiving Is For most of us, Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy the changing colours, eat a weird amount of food and take an afternoon naps. Although all [...]

A Guide in Celebrating Thanksgiving with Your Au Pair2021-12-09T08:36:27-05:00

My Top 8 Canadian Books for Children


Summer is a time for soaking up the sun, drinking iced tea and reading! There is nothing better then to spend an afternoon laying on a blanket in the grass and getting caught up with your favourite characters. By reading classic Canadian books, you can learn more about the Canadian culture, languages and connect with [...]

My Top 8 Canadian Books for Children2021-12-09T08:36:27-05:00

Au Pair in Canada: FAQ’s


You've heard of the term Au Pair before. You understand the concept: an Au Pair lives in with your family and provides childcare. You're excited about the fact that an Au Pair will share their culture with your family. AND you can't wait to have some extra time for yourself! BUT how does it work? [...]

Au Pair in Canada: FAQ’s2021-12-09T08:36:28-05:00

Saying Goodbye to Your Au Pair


Your Au Pair's time in Canada is almost over. Can you believe it is time for them to go home? Use these tips (some practical and others emotional) to make your Au Pair's departure smooth: Close bank account: Before your Au Pair leaves the country, they will need to close their bank account. Remind them a [...]

Saying Goodbye to Your Au Pair2021-12-09T08:36:28-05:00

Is Your Au Pair Feeling Tired This Winter?


We did it! We made it through the shortest days of the year, an arctic vortex (for all except the lucky West coasters) and we finally have another holiday coming up. Even though it is like this every winter, we are still surprised when our energy levels are low. Since this is your Au Pair's [...]

Is Your Au Pair Feeling Tired This Winter?2021-12-09T08:36:28-05:00


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