Yamila V, Germany, Au Pair Classic


• Age: 18 years old
• Arrival: October
• Length of placement: 12 months
• Child care experience: Over 2000 hours of child care experience as an intern in a kindergarten for a year and being a big sibling to her younger brother with children 3 and up
Driver’s license since: June 2017, drives 3-5 times per day
• Hobbies: Enjoys travelling, cooking reading and photography
• Other: Wants to study to be a teacher when she returns to Germany
• Swimming: Advanced swimmer
• Interviewer says: “Yamila is the perfect the Au Pair in Canada applicant. She is a very lovely girl and she smiles all the time. Yamila is very enthusiastic about children and you can feel her amazement regarding children. This is also the reason why she would like to dedicate her life to childcare and would like to become an educator. A very nice statement by her: “Everyday when I come to the day care center and the children see me and are happy is great!”

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