• Age: 19 years old
• Arrival: February 2019
• Length of placement: 6 months
• Child care experience: 518 hours of childcare experience caring for the same family for 6 years, starting when the youngest was 3 years old
• Driver’s license since: June 2018, drives 1-2 times per week
• Hobbies: Very social person and very passionate about cars
• Other: Wants to study Automotive Industry or Economics, experience working as a fork lift operator
• Reference says: “Sophia is very self-confident and can stand her ground. She is very tidy and orderly, and she is sociable and not shy with other people- she approaches people easily. When she needs information or has questions, she will ask without shyness. She is very patient with children, and I am always satisfied with her as a childcare for her girls.”