Pia N, Germany, Au Pair Classic


•Age: 19 years old
•Arrival: August 1st 2018
•Length of placement: 10 months
•Child care experience: 1813 hours of child care experience interning in a daycare centre, camp counselor and youth leader with children between 10 months and 15 years
• Driver’s license since: December 2017, drives 3-5 times per week
• Hobbies: Plays saxophone in a local orchestra, enjoys cooking and reading!
• Other: Experience working with children with disabilities including linguist disability
• Swimming: 
Advanced swimmer
• Reference says: “Pia always did well. She was a team player, reliable and very liked in group. She connected well with the kids. She was creative and spend a amazing time with the children. She is a smar, bright person. Communicative, easy-going and very likeable.”


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