Martina A, Austria, Au Pair Classic


• Age: 21 years old
• Arrival: September 19th 2019
• Length of placement: 10 months
• Child care experience: 428 hours of child care experience as an intern in a daycare center, babysitter and a previous Au Pair with children between 1.5-6 years old
• Driver’s license since: November 2011, drives everyday
• Hobbies: Enjoys biking, hiking and jogging
• Other: Experience working as a mechanic, waitress and shop assistant
• Swimming: Advanced swimmer
• Reference says: “Martina is a great person and Mrs. T always felt at ease leaving her children with her. Her older daughter doesn’t like staying with someone else but her mother but Martina found access to her fast. Martina can cook and makes up great stories for the children. Mrs T. highly recommends Martina for a placement and hopes she comes back to care for her children again. “

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