Marianne, Austria, Au Pair Plus


• Age: 19 years old
• Arrival: August 25th 2019
• Length of placement: 6 months
• Child care experience: 600 hours of child care experience working as an intern in a daycare and camp counselor with children from 1-13 years old
• Driver’s license since: November 2017, drives everday
• Hobbies: Enjoy skiing, cooking and practicing piano/guitar
• Other: Wants to study psychology at University of Vienna when she returns to Austria
• Swimming: Advanced swimmer
• Interviewer says: “Marianne’s best qualities are her wholehearted devotion to children, the fact that she believes that working with children is a reciprocal relationship, which means mutual respect on both sides, the belief that children are generally nice by nature and if they do something wrong, it is not to be malicious, they just need to be shown what is right and what is wrong. She is also a hard-working, trustworthy and flexible young woman, whom the family could trust with their children. She is enthusiastic and seems to have the right sort of personality to manage her tasks. She is a skilled kindergarten teacher and gained lots of practical experince in working with children of different ages which gives her the potential to be a very successful Au Pair.”

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