• Age: 20 years old 
  • Arrival: Already in Canada
  • Length of placement: 4 months
  • Child care experience: 623 hours of childcare experience working with children with disabilities, worked as a camp counsellor and completed an internship at a therapist office working with children.
  • Driver’s license since: October 2016, drives 3-5 times per week
  • Hobbies: Enjoys horseback riding, being creative and just being outside
    • Other: Wants to work with children with disabilities when she returns to Germany
  • • Reference says: “Lena works in an organized and structured manner, she is punctual, helpful and able to cope with unexpected situations. I have known about her dream to become an au pair in Canada for several months and I am sure that her decision is well thought out. She is determined about her future and she knows what she wants for her later life.”