• Age: 18 years old
• Arrival: September 20th – November 2024
• Length of placement: 12 months
• Child care experience: 870 hours of childcare experience babysitting and coaching sports for children 5 and up.
• Driver’s license since: October 2022, drives 1-2 times a week
• Hobbies: Enjoys Games, Voluntary work, Baking, Drawing, Cooking, Running, Skiing, Handball and Tennis
• Reference says: “…Kira is very open to others and finds fast contact with children. She also described her as nice, friendly, thoughtful and prudent. Furthermore, she pointed out her great balance between giving rules and being strict with being very warm and loving with her daughter… she has a great sense for children. She is reliable, responsible and quiet, but in a positive way and not introverted.”