Jördis, Germany, Au Pair Classic


• Age: 19 years old
• Arrival: July 7th 2018
• Length of placement: 12 months
• Child care experience: 1720 hours of child care experience as a youth group leader, tutor and intern in a classroom with children between 3-13 years old
• Driver’s license since: February 2016, drives everyday
• Hobbies: Loves animals, especially horseback riding, and being outdoors
• Other: Speaks some spanish
• Swimming: Advanced swimmer
• Interviewer says: “I think Jörgis is a great candidate and I would highly recommend her. She will adapt easily, is willing to learn and interested. Jördis definitely wants to become a family member, likes tinkering, is helpful and supportive. She is an honest, self-reflective and thoughtful young woman who will be a great au pair and friend for your children.”

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