Johanna, Germany, Au Pair Classic


• Age: 18 years old
• Arrival: September 15th 2018
• Length of placement: 10 months
• Child care experience: 758 hours of childcare experience mainly working as a child care provider, intern at a daycare and tutor with children between 1-14 years old
• Driver’s license since: October 2017, drives 3-5 times per day
• Hobbies: Very active, enjoys playing volleyball and tennis and skiing
• Swimming: Advanced swimmer
• Other: Wants to study law when she returns to Germany
• Interviewer says: “I happily recommend Johanna – she is a very motivated and creative candidate with realistic expectations and the willingness to make this an outstanding experience for herself and for the host family. I am sure that she will be a great help within the host family because she is independent, is willing to help out where help is needed and she knows how to care for children. I am confident that the children will have lots of fun with her since she is very active and sporty and has many great ideas on what to do with them. Moreover, Johanna won´t have any problems communicating with her host family since her English skills are very good.”

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