• Age: 18 years old, 19 when she arrives to Canada
• Arrival: December 1st 2019
• Length of placement: 6 months
• Child care experience: 620 hours of childcare experience caring for the same family for 4 years and tutoring in English, French and math with children of all ages
• Driver’s license since: August 2017, drives everyday
• Hobbies: Enjoys being active, swimming, going to the gym and playing basketball
• Other: Completed a high school exchange year in California, experience working as a social media coordinator
• Reference says: “Gisela is a wonderful candidate for this au pair program. She is mature and independent and she has a very optimistic attitude towards life. She loves children and to teach them new things, she doesn´t have any prejudices and she is open for new things. Gisela is humorous, talkative and as she said about herself – it will never be quiet in the house with her! New situations and changes are challenges for her, she is ambitious and able to laugh about herself. She is not shy or reserved, well-behaved and well-balanced.”