• Age: 18 years old,
• Arrival: July 30th, 2019
• Length of placement: 12 months
• Child care experience: 2252 hours of childcare experience with children 1 and up by completing an internship in a childcare centre, caring for her 10 year old sister and tutoring an 11 year old
• Driver’s license since: October 2017, drives 3-5 times per week
• Hobbies: Enjoys skiing, jogging and swimming
• Other: Taking guitar lessons
• Reference says: “ She enjoys being a helping and supporting hand and truly is motivated to become “the best Au pair possible with all her heart,” as she stated. She already gained a great variety of childcare experiences and is very suitable for a family especially with younger children since she has a lot of experiences with this age group. She is experienced with household duties, a good and frequent driver who drives her younger sister and she has very good English and a bit Spanish skills. She is musically inclined, sporty and active and a good mix of a family person who also spends time with friends. She is very determined and passionate, absolutely organized and truly looking forward to spending a great time with beautiful moments together with her host family.”