• Age: 18 years old, 19 when she arrives to Canada
• Arrival: June 18, 2019
• Length of placement: 12 months
• Child care experience: 516 hours of childcare experience caring for children in a youth group between 5-10 years old and working in a daycare centre with children 3-4 years old
• Driver’s license since: November 2017, drives everyday
• Hobbies: Enjoys playing tennis, being active and singing
• Other: Experience working as a receptionist and wants to study medicine when she returns to Germany
• Reference says: “Gina is ambitious, hard-working and respectful. She is also really reliable, passionate and responsible. She started writing down her ideas of what she could do with the kids in the host family! It was a pleasure to have her as an Au pair candidate and I highly recommend her – she will make a great Au pair and an excellent member of your family.”