• Age: 18 years old
• Arrival: July 15, 2019
• Length of placement: 6 months
• Child care experience: 473 hours of childcare experience tutoring and caring for children in 4 different families with children starting at 2 months
• Driver’s license since: July 2017, drives 3-5 times per week
• Hobbies: Enjoys skiing, mountain biking and fitness
• Reference says: “Carlotta is a friendly, very charming, open-minded, easygoing girl. In her family, going abroad, thinking international, broadening one’s horizon has a tradition. Carlotta is mature for her age, I found, meeting her. She knows what she wants, she is well-balanced and remains calm under stress – she said, for example, when a toddler falls and starts crying, she won’t panic or something. She is patient with children and gives them a feeling of being well cared for – at the same time, she can stand her ground with them and insist on rules being kept.”