• Age: 19 years, 20 in September
• Arrival: July 8, 2019
• Length of placement: 10 months
• Child care experience: 536 hours of childcare experience caring for the same family for 5 years and tutoring, with children 5 and up
• Driver’s license since: August 2017, drives 3-5 times per week
• Hobbies: Enjoys doing a variety of sports and activities: baking, skiing, swimming, tennis, etc.
• Reference says: “Anna is a true sunshine – she likes to laugh, she is always in a good mood and she always has a little smile on her face. She is experienced in childcare and during the last years in school her focus was on educational theory. Anna is able to handle difficult situations and able to work under pressure. She is mature and independent, has a great personality and she is structured and organized. I am sure that her host family will benefit from her stay and that she will be an asset for any family”