• Age: 20 years old
• Arrival: March 2020
• Length of placement: 6 months
• Child care experience: 576 hours of childcare experience tutoring, interning as part of her University studies in an Elementary school and caring for an infant
• Driver’s license since: August 2016, drives everyday
• Hobbies: Enjoys playing the piano, cooking and being active
• Reference says: “Alina has a very strong interest in making her time as an Au Pair a success not only because she wants to be fluent in English but also because she wants to learn about childcare and education in Canada. She has all the qualities an Au Pair needs to have such as flexibility, reliability, responsibility and great communication and interpersonal skills. Alina has excellent driving skills (she drives more than 100 miles nearly every day), so if the host family is looking for someone to drive the children she will also be very suitable.”