Thanksgiving is around the corner! We thought we would give you a step-by-step guide of how to celebrate Thanksgiving with your Au Pair.

Step 1: Explain What Thanksgiving Is

For most of us, Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy the changing colours, eat a weird amount of food and take an afternoon naps. Although all of those things are lovely, it’s important to remember why we celebrate Thanksgiving: multiple reasons. If you actually read into the reason why we celebrate Thanksgiving, it predates the pilgrims meeting the Wampanoag. It’s one of those holidays where it has different meanings for each family. For my family, it’s a reason to get together and give thanks for the blessings we have in our lives.

Step 2: Prepare Them For Family Members

With Thanksgiving comes family time. For your Au Pair that means a lot of new names to learn. Start early by name dropping your cousins, aunts, uncles and siblings at the dinner table. Get your kids to point out family members in a photo album. Anything to get them a head start on meeting new family members.

Step 3: Get Them Involved

While others wouldn’t want to touch the Thanksgiving kitchen with a 10 ft. pole, your Au Pair would be thrilled to help prepare the meal. Task them with peeling potatoes, decorating the table or if you really want to make their day, let them baste the turkey!

Step 4: Hand Out Stretchy Pants

As this is probably your Au Pair’s first Thanksgiving, it’s important to prepare them for the meal that is to come. They will want to try at least everything once. Encourage moderation, stretchy pants and water in between in courses to help get through before having to take a nap before the apple pie even reaches the table.

Step 5: Get Outside

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to have some quality family moments together. An activity that can be done with the entire family is a nice hike. Get out into the fresh air, explore a new trail and make some new memories.

Step 6: Enjoy It!

Although this is another Thanksgiving for you and your family, for your Au Pair this may be the first and only time they celebrate this holiday. If you’re enjoying it, they will also feel more open to enjoy themselves and make the most out of this celebration.