Your Au Pair’s time in Canada is almost over. Can you believe it is time for them to go home? Use these tips (some practical and others emotional) to make your Au Pair’s departure smooth:

  1. Close bank account: Before your Au Pair leaves the country, they will need to close their bank account. Remind them a week before they depart to do this. They will need to physically go to the bank to close it. It’ll be easier to transport big bills (that’s if they have any money left in their account!)
  2. Tax information: Before your Au Pair departs, you may want to give them their T4 Statement and T4 Slip. Tell them to hold onto it for tax season. Completing it when they leave means it is one less thing you have to do come tax season.
  3. ROE: In Canada, when an employee leaves, they are required to file a Record of Employment.
  4. Tell the kids: Just as you gave warnings to your kids before your Au Pair arrived, be sure you are doing the same when your Au Pair leaves. Remind them one month, one week and one day before your Au Pair departs. Tell them that although your Au Pair is leaving, that does not mean that they do not care about them.
  5. Open invitation: Your Au Pair may want to come back to Canada to visit you. If you feel inclined, extend an open invitation so they know they are welcomed back to visit your family at any time.
  6. Going away gift: As a sign of your appreciation, you may want to give your Au Pair a going away gift. One of the best gifts to give is memory keepsakes in the form of a photo album of your Au Pair’s year in Canada.


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