We did it! We made it through the shortest days of the year, an arctic vortex (for all except the lucky West coasters) and we finally have another holiday coming up. Even though it is like this every winter, we are still surprised when our energy levels are low.

Since this is your Au Pair’s first time in Canada, they may get super excited to see a proper snow storm or temperatures such as -35º C with the windchill. Yet, after a week of not being able to go outside with the kids, this can be a challenge. Working with kids is a tough job. This job becomes more demanding when when the kids (and Au Pair) cannot exert their energy by just running around outside.

What can they do to help?

Tell your Au Pair they are not alone in feeling lower energy; it happens to all of us. If they follow these tips and tools, they should be back to their cheerful selves in no time:

  • Take Vitamin D: At the boarder, every newcomer should be given Vitamin D drops. In the winter there just isn’t enough sun to give us the Vitamin D that we need, so we should supplement it with drops or pills.
  • Get active: This is the perfect time of year to try out that yoga studio or rock climbing gym. Even if you cannot get outside, try to be active indoors. With the kids, encourage your Au Pair to get creative (build pillow forts, create a relay race in the basement, pinterest everything!!)
  • Bundle up: You can go anywhere outside if you are properly prepared. Getting the right snow gear can change your winter experience from one of hibernation to one of exploration.
  • Get away: This time of year can be an opportunity for your Au Pair to explore another part of Canada. Tickets/hotels are cheaper and there are still some holidays to come: Family Day weekend, March break if your Au Pair is not working.  Quebec City, Arrowhead Provincial Park or even charming small towns across Canada are just waiting to be explored. There’s lots to see in Canada, sometimes it just takes a little bit of searching.

What are some other activities you encourage your Au Pair to do during the long winter months? Let us know at info@adanacaupair.com.