MyMukokaNow.Com just published an article called Less Than a Third of Kids in Huntsville Have an Available Child Care Space. Yup! You read that correctly; a third!

The data comes from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives where they have dubbed the area a child care desert. That means that Huntsville is in a postal code with three kids for every one child care space. Of the 515 children in Huntsville, there are only 161 licenses care spots available.

What is the solution? An Au Pair! Au Pairs are available all year round with most wanting to arrive to Canada during the summer months, provide flexible child care that works around parent’s schedules and would love to live in beautiful Muskoka?


Returning back to work without proper child care lined up is every parent’s nightmare! By having an Au Pair, a family has a 6-12 month commitment, backed up with a signed Employment Contract. Au Pairs are motivated to stay with the family for an extended period of time and are looking to full immerse into the Canadian way of life.

Most Au Pairs are looking to arrive to Canada during the summer months (June-September) but there are still many who are available in the “off-season”. For example, at Adanac Au Pair we already have applicants who want to arrive for Spring 2019! Contact us today to find out more or check out available applicants on our website.


The biggest reason why families have an Au Pair live-in is the flexible child care. Parents who are traveling, work shift hours or just need an extra set of hands for certain hours benefit from the reliability of live-in child care.

Au Pairs work anywhere between 25-40 hours per week. This can change week-to-week and depends on the parent’s needs. Successful Au Pair/Host Family relationships discuss the changing schedule on a weekly basis to make sure everybody is on the same page.


An Au Pair can solve a Huntsville family’s child care needs because of the reliable, flexible and cultural child care. But, an Au Pair will equally benefit because they will have the unique experience of living in the most beautiful part of Ontario: Muskoka!

They will have access to experience all 4 seasons and have a truly Canadian experience. In fall they can experience the wonders of changing leaves, in the winter they can learn how to use an auger for ice fishing, in the spring they can really learn how to live with bugs and in the summer they can jump in the multiple lakes that Muskoka has to offer!

To learn more about how an Au Pair can add value to your life, contact us today!