Best 7 Outdoor Activities To Do With Kids This Summer!

Summer is here! Say goodbye to trips on the school bus and say hello to endless hours of outdoors time! With all of these hours, what is a super fun caregiver to do? We have just the list of activities for you to take on with the littles on this summer:

  1. Rock Tic-Tac-Toe: The beloved game of Tic-Tac-Toe which we usually reserve for driveways and chalk can now be played over and over again without running out of space. Take an old piece of wood, some paint and a few of your pet rocks for this easy craft.


2) Nature Bingo: How can you have even more fun out in nature? Make a bingo game out of it! Get the kids involved by printing out these fun bingo cards and let them go searching! You can guide their play by asking questions such as “Where do you think we could find a frog?”

3) Giant Bubble Wands: If there are no other certainties on your life, know this: no matter the age, gender or interest of a kid, all children LOVE bubbles!! Why not enhance the bubble experience by making a Mega Bubble Wand?!


4) Does It Float or Sink Game: This activity is excellent for child development! Literally grab a tupperware bin, water and anything else for this backyard game. Then let the little ones explore buoyancy! Guide the play by asking question like “Why do you think the toy boat floats when upright but when you turn it over and it begins to fill with water, it sinks?


5) Glow-in-the-Dark Bowling: Outdoor activities don’t stop once the sun goes down! After you’re done mapping out the constellations, grab a couple of water bottle, some glow sticks and a soccer ball for glow-in-the-dark bowling!


6) Washable Chalk Paint: Chalk and summer go together just like ice cream and summer or swimming and summer (did I mentioned that I love summer?) Try out this unique way to make washable chalk paint! 

7) Build a Stick Fort: Get back to your roots, literally! Go to the local park and pick up some branches on the ground. Bring them home and start the building! This is a great STEM project to get your little engineer’s gears turning.


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About the Author:

Sarah Kelly is the owner of Adanac Au Pair. She was an Au Pair in France for a year living with an incredible family. Between stuffing her face with cheese, over exaggerating her French accent to blend in and visiting the beach, she cared for 3 awesome children. When she returned to Canada she became an Aunt! Sarah saw the child care crisis in Canada and thought it was time to bring the Au Pair Program to Canada. She decided to start her own Au Pair agency to share her experience with Canadian families and young adults who want to work & travel.