Is an Au Pair Right For My Family? Part 3: Price of Au Pair vs Daycare

This week, we are continuing our conversation on if an Au Pair is right for your family. We have already discussed the convenience of an Au Pair working around your schedule and the ease of having an extra set of hands. Now we are going to talk about if the cost of an Au Pair make sense for your family.

There is the perception that having an Au Pair is only for the elite or super wealthy. We want to debunk this myth by comparing the price of daycare to an Au Pair.

Recently the CBC came out with an article stating that the cost of daycare has increased close to 20% in cities since 2014. Currently, the median cost for infant daycare in Toronto is $1,758 per month. For families who have two or more children, they can be spending upwards of $3000 per month on child care alone! Having an Au Pair is a cheaper option for these families and an Au Pair can provide care that is unique to your child’s needs.

An Au Pair is paid minimum wage with room and board deductions. Although, minimum wage in Ontario increased in January to $14/hr, an Au Pair is still comparable to the costs of daycare. Unlike daycare, having an Au Pair means families pay per child care provider rather than per child. With the new minimum wage increase in Ontario, an Au Pair who is working full time hours will be paid $107.50 per day including vacation pay, tax and government deductions. For families with an infant and a toddler in daycare, families are paying upwards of $120.50 per day. For parents who have two or more children in daycare, having an Au Pair is a cheaper option.

The CBC article states that, “Aside from costs, finding a spot is no easy feat, as wait lists are “almost universal ” in big cities, and prevalent in almost three-quarters of all markets included in the report.” All of the Au Pairs on our website are available to come to Canada with proper documentation. Families can see for themselves when and for how long the Au Pairs want to come to Canada.  Don’t miss out on these excellent Au Pair applicants!

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About the Author:

Sarah Kelly is the owner of Adanac Au Pair. She was an Au Pair in France for a year living with an incredible family. Between stuffing her face with cheese, over exaggerating her French accent to blend in and visiting the beach, she cared for 3 awesome children. When she returned to Canada she became an Aunt! Sarah saw the child care crisis in Canada and thought it was time to bring the Au Pair Program to Canada. She decided to start her own Au Pair agency to share her experience with Canadian families and young adults who want to work & travel.


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