It’s Monday morning. You wake up to your alarm clock which you have strategically set so you have 15 minutes of quiet time before anyone else in the house wakes up. You sit down with your cup of coffee (you remembered to set the coffee maker the night before-yay you!), and think about how this morning is going to go down: children will wake up, they’ll want to watch some TV and you’ll have to explain that it’s a school day and it’s time to get dressed. As you’re packing lunches and making breakfast they’ll complain that they don’t want grapes because they’re “icky”. When you turn around to tell them that they need their fruit you notice that your precious little one decided that getting dressed just wasn’t on his agenda for today while he’s strutting around buck naked. You’ll take him upstairs to get dressed. During your heated debate over long vs. short sleeves, you realize that it’s almost 7:00am and you are still in your house robe! You need to be at the school to drop your kids off at 7:15 so you can be at work for 8am.

Now imagine that you can continue your morning routine of getting dressed, eating breakfast without having to wrangle kids into clothes, shovelling food in their mouths and rush out of the house by 7:05am so you can get to work on time. Instead you have an Au Pair there to stay with the kids until they need to be at school for bell time. They can take their time getting dressed, eating and even sing magical songs before heading off to school. Alright maybe the songs is a bit of an over exaggeration but an Au Pair can be there at home with the kids so your mornings don’t look like the Olympic 100m dash.

Same thing for evenings and school pick ups. When your Thursday afternoon meeting runs late and traffic on the 403 is just too much to handle, you can know that your children are being cared for in the comfort of their home by an Au Pair. Who knows! Maybe dinner will be all ready by the time to walk in the door too.

Having an Au Pair is an extra set of hands for a busy family of any kind. Families where both parents work out of town, families with a single parent, families with parents who work shift-work or travel for work are all a great fit for an Au Pair.

To learn more about how an Au Pair can be the extra set of hands for your busy family, contact us today! Or, start looking at some Au Pairs who are readily available to join your family!