In just a couple of days the Opening Ceremonies will take place to mark the beginning of 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang! The Olympics promote three things: Friendship, Respect and Excellence. What activities can we give our kids to take away these lessons from the Olympics? Here are 7:

1. Olympic Toast

Yup, you read that right: Olympic toast. Toast of the Olympics. The breakfast of champions. Whatever you want to call it, this fantastic receipt was made by an awesome mommy blogger to get your kids day started with some health and fun. By taking a couple pieces of toast, some cream cheese and a bunch of fruit, you can teach your kids about the Olympic rings. Take the time to discuss what they think they mean, why there are so many difference colours and why they are interconnected.  

2. Bobsledding With Friends

Okay, so this may essentially be tobogganing but it can be so much more than that. This super fun activity can be a lesson on teamwork and persistency. Take the kids to the tobogganing hill and show them the bobsled rules: one person in the front acts as the “pilot” and one at the back pushes off. Teach them about friction as they stick their feet out to slow down the sled. They will learn about persistency by climbing of the hill again and again because no matter how sore our legs get we still climb the hill knowing the pain is worth the 15 seconds of fun!

3. Figure Skating

If your kids don’t want to be so technical but would like to show off their artistic side, then make a “rink” in your living room by clearing out a space. Put up “boards” of pillows and blankets to outline the rink, play a classic figure skating song and let the kids go. Have them practice for 10 minutes and then watch the other’s performance. This builds confidence by giving a child the spotlight while the others wait patiently and respectfully.

4. STEM Challenges  

Science. Technology. Engineering. Mathematics. The STEM program offers so many activities to showcase to kids that these aspects are part of our every day lives. Even the Winter Olympics! Many of us first learn about physics through figure skaters and watching them tuck in their limbs to spin faster.

This one particular activity teaches kids about angles and gravity in downhill skiing by making a mountain out of cardboard. At the end, their skier has to make it down the hill. As a caregiver, you can ask them why they think the skier goes down the hill on skies, what they could do to improve the hill and why they think snow/ice helps skiers go down the hill better than gravel.

5.  Cross Country Skiing 

Bring friendship and sportsmanship to the living room through this easy but fun activity! Laminate a couple pieces of paper and cut them out into skies. The kids have to get from one side to the other by “cross country skiing”. Set it up as a relay race to encourage teamwork and cheer each other on.

6. Medal Ceremony 

One of the most emotional parts of the Olympics is the medal ceremony. It’s not just the pride in representing a country but watching someone who has worked tirelessly to achieve a goal. Teach kids about dedication and what it takes to win a medal through a medal ceremony. Make shift medals out of ribbon and paper to give out throughout the Winter Olympics. If the kids are tidying up without asking or polite to the neighbours, give them a gold medal. Don’t forget to hold the ceremony by playing your own national anthem or the Olympics anthem.

7. Conversation

Take the opportunity to discuss what the Olympics are all about. It’s not only pride in one’s country, but it is the coming together in sport and athleticism. Give your kids the opportunity to learn about new countries and discuss why there are a lot of hockey players from colder climates and a lot of runners from warmer climates. Watch the TV programs about the athletes to show where they come from and what they’ve had to sacrifice in order to become an Olympian. Talk about why it’s important to be a good teammate and an even better competitor. This winter, huddle the family around the TV to learn life lessons about friendship, respect and excellence.

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