Close your eyes. Wait, this is a blog. Keep your eyes open! Picture a typical Monday morning; waking up, getting dressed, having breakfast, brushing teeth, kissing the kids goodbye and out the door. Yup, you read that right. Out the door without even thinking about dressing someone else. An Au Pair can be your solution to before and after school care. Plus, it’s all for the price of a sandwich.

The price of a sandwich?!

Okay, the price of an Au Pair is not quite the price of a sandwich but hear me out.

A before and after school program is typically run from 7am until morning bell (around 9am) and then again from afternoon bell (around 3pm) to 6pm. It’s a program that has a 1 to 15 ratio of supervisor to children, usually in a classroom, gym or library. A family using this care usually needs 5 hours of child care per day.

Before and after school care can range in price but in most places, it can cost anywhere between $24-$28 per day for one child. For families with two children, this can cost upwards of $56 per day.

How does this compare to an Au Pair?

Au Pairs are paid per child care provider instead of per child. Plus they are paid minimum wage, less room and board deduction. Therefore, an Au Pair who is working 25 hours per week will cost $60.64 per day.

Convenience included!

There you have it! Parents who have two children in before and after school care are paying close to $56/day for two children, when paying an Au Pair comes out to $60.64/day. A family has the added convenience of their child care living in with them, all for the price of a sandwich per day. Au Pairs can get lunches made, kids dressed, teeth brushed and breakfast fed. You do not have to worry about rushing out of the house or the guilt of having the kids at school for 8 hours (plus) each day. Additionally, Au Pairs can start dinner and homework so when you get home from work you can just be a parent!

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