New year, new you! Well, at least that’s what I told myself just over a week ago. Now that we are in the second week of January, New Year’s Resolutions are starting to become a pain instead of a refreshing awakening. It’s time to bring in reinforcements. Mine is a cross stitch I created of the word “floss”. I’ve hung it in my bathroom to help remind me to pick the gunk out from between my teeth. For you, an Au Pair may be the help you need to keep your New Year’s Resolution.

Saving you time

The number one reason why we do not keep resolutions is time. “I don’t have time to go to the gym.” “I would play my piano but after cleaning the kitchen and putting the kids to bed, there’s no time to practice AND get relaxation in before bed.” “The Whole 30 recipes take forever to cook!” Time once spent picking up kids from school, taking them to hockey practice, getting groceries for your Whole 30 recipe, can now be taken over by your Au Pair! This will leave you energy to make it from work to the gym and then home without totally collapsing by 8:30pm. You can now have time to follow a recipe diligently because you didn’t have to rush to Farm Boy before heading home. Having an Au Pair provides an extra set of hands will give you time to breath!

Making the resolution fun

Researchers have found that what makes someone stick to a resolution is how much they enjoy it. Making smoothies every morning will be fun, for about a week. Then you can easily run out of yummy combinations of yogurt, bananas and frozen berries. An Au Pair is a fresh, motivated young adult who is experiencing a new country for the first time. They want to share their own customs and dishes with you as much as they want to learn how little Canadians actually eat poutine. So instead of starting every day with a smoothie, you could try a new German recipe that boosts metabolism and is tasty! (You’ll just have to hire a German Au Pair to see what it’s all about!)


An Au Pair and host parents build a natural relationship that cannot be matched. This is a friendship with someone who cares for your children almost as much as you do. It is built off of trust, communication and encouragement. They are there for you as much as you are there for them. Set a resolution with your Au Pair and work together to achieve it. Having a live-in support system will allow you (and your Au Pair) to stay on track! You can encourage her to go for a run with you and she can encourage you to maybe put down the second donut–even though it’s Nutella donut season at Tim Horton’s.

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