The holidays can be a time of joy, gathering and delicious food. For about 6 hours, in total. The rest of the time is planning, cooking, and finding new spots for your Elf on a Shelf! Having an Au Pair around to provide an extra set of hands can save you time and help keep a little bit of sanity for the holidays! Here is how:

Take the kids while you go shopping.

How many times have you had the intention of gift shopping but your children have to come with you to the mall because you can’t find childcare? Instead of dropping them off in the IKEA play centre when you’re actually going to skip over to Toys R Us, let your children stay home with your Au Pair. They will be none the wiser when you get home with the goodies because they will be working on Christmas tree cookies in the kitchen!

Have your Au Pair contribute a traditional dish

Au Pairs are coming from all over the world but are celebrating the Holidays in Canada for the first time. How cool would it be to have a traditional German dish on your table?! She can replace a dish that may normally take you a couple of hours to prepare. While cooking, you can trade tips and tricks, to build a stronger relationship!

 Get the children ready for their holiday plays

Whether it is the kid’s school Christmas concert or the dance studio is putting on The Nutcracker for umpteenth time, don’t be afraid to get your Au Pair on board with helping! Instead of rushing home from work on a Tuesday at 2pm to make sure Joe has his makeup right, your Au Pair can be there to help with preparation allowing you to stroll up with a charged phone to capture the entire thing!

 Babysit for your holiday party’s

I don’t know about you, but our holiday party’s all seem to be within a week of each other! This is a lot of coordinating with babysitters, parents or who ever isn’t having a holiday party themselves. It’s time to throw that stress out of the window. As soon as you know the date of your work holiday party, tell your Au Pair that she will have to work that night. Done and done.

If you want help this holiday season, contact us about hiring an Au Pair! We can be reached by phone (647-332-2477) or email (