Living abroad for a year provides many memories that you will want to keep forever. There are some moments that you want to stay private, but others that you will want to share with anyone who will listen! What is the best way to keep memories while being an Au Pair? Here are the top 7 ways to log your best keepsakes:

1) Blogging: This is a very popular way to keep a log of your memories as you can share what you are doing as often or as little as you please with a variety of people. You can either share it with a small group of close friends and family or open it up to the public. Blogs are great because you can share a pictures along side long stories. Many people use blogs as forums as they are direct insight into others experiences.
2) Vlogging: Similar to blogging, vlogging is a video blog format that requires a camera and a video format program (ie. iMovie). Vlogs are usually shared on YouTube and it’s more personal because you get to directly share your stories with an audience. Again, this audience can be private or public depending on your settings. This format allows for you to be more authentic because you are sharing stories as they come up and can provide more video footage as events occur.
3) Journal/Diary: This more private and personal option is my favourite. Journaling is a great way to jot down little thoughts and memories or elaborate on big emotions. It is whatever you want it to be and can be very personal because you do not have to share this with anyone. It’s a written insight into your thoughts and can be kept for years. Writing down with pen and paper is an intimate way to share memories because of the natural flow that occurs when writing.
4) Painting: A friend recently visited me here in Canada and we were hanging out at the cottage and asked me if I wanted to paint. I was shocked because I had never heard of this way of memory capturing and I thought it would be too messy! She pulled out a small pad of thick paper, a paint brush and a small set of watercolour paints. She said that it’s her new favourite way of keeping memories because she can draw her version of the scene that’s happening in front of her. It’s also a relaxing and quiet activity to do while traveling and provides time to reflect.
5) Memory bank: For those with sharp memories, this one is for you! Keep everything in your memory bank if it allows so that years down the road you can recall stories in precise detail.
6) Social Media: Another popular option is to capture everything and post it immediately on Social Media outlets such as Instagram or Facebook. To share moments as they happen Snapchat would work but, unfortunately, you can’t recall images years later. Facebook and Instragram allow you to share videos and picture with a description and an exact location. Your only set back is annoying friends by showing off all the fun you’re having while you’re away!
7) Scrapbooking: Go old school and scrapbook your memories. When you are all done your trip, print out pictures and get out all the old ticket stubs, maps and napkins you kept to compile them in a scrapbook. My favourite thing to do is to combine scrapbooking and journaling so I have a bit of a visual with my journaling.

Let us know what your favourite way to track memories! Painting is a new one for me, but what are some other ways?

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