Although the unemployment rate is 6.5% in Canada, many young Canadian adults find it difficult to land a job that pays well, has benefits and provide a sense of purpose. With many young adults going to College/University getting diplomas and degrees, there is more competition in the job market. Applicants need to make themselves stand out above others who have similar education and work experience. Being an Au Pair is an excellent way to get a competitive advantage as the employer will see that you have the independence to travel and work abroad in a new country. This year abroad provides learning opportunities and experiences that will last a lifetime!

When looking at resumes, many employers are looking at education first and experience second. They want to see that applicants can learn and then apply what they learned in a real world setting. Employers want to know that you can be thrown into a new situation and thrive! After an Au Pair year, you will have proven your independence and adaptability because although you live with a host family, there are many obstacles you have to manoeuvre around on your own while working as an Au Pair. For example, your host family will not always be there when you are trying to get around in a new city/town while speaking a new language.

An employer peruses through hundreds of resumes in a single day to find the perfect candidate. Find ways to make your resume stand out from the others by showing that you worked in Queenstown, NZ for a year. This indicates that you have the confidence to live abroad in a new city/town for an extended period of time and it makes your interesting! This also may be a great talking point in the interview. Do you know how many times people have told me about their cousin who lived as an Au Pair for a year? By sharing experiences, you make a personal connection with an employer.

While living abroad, you also pick up new ways of living and becoming more tolerant of new cultures. Since you lived abroad, you bring a new culture to the table and can diversify a team with your new experiences. Many employers see the benefits of creating a diverse team in the workplace. When there are difference ideas and experiences coming together, a team can create something new and innovative. Some Au Pairs go to France or Spain just to learn the language. Being bilingual is a huge advantage for anyone joining the work force.

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