Being an Au Pair in France

Expand on French language skills, immerse into the culture AND eat amazing French food? Yes please! Going to France to be an Au Pair is a perfect opportunity for anyone who is looking to improve their French language skills. Anyone who joins this program has to have a basic understanding of French but will become fluent [...]

Being an Au Pair in France2021-12-09T08:39:23-05:00

Being an Au Pair in New Zeland

This week we are looking at the requirements for being an Au Pair in New Zealand! This program has a lot of offer those who have an Early Childhood Education, Teacher College Certificate or 1 year of full time child care experience. This program offers support from a qualified ECE teacher, a first aid course and [...]

Being an Au Pair in New Zeland2021-12-09T08:39:23-05:00

Being an Au Pair in Australia

The best part of being an Au Pair is immersing into a new culture: learning new customs, traditions and foods! It's a wonderful experience that makes lifelong memories. At Adanac Au Pair, we are partnered with agencies around the world. Each country has it's own program with different offers and requirements. Through the next few blog posts, [...]

Being an Au Pair in Australia2021-12-09T08:39:24-05:00

Child Protection and Au Pair Placement Agencies

In our blog posts we talk a lot about the cultural aspect of having an Au Pair and the importance of the mutual exchange of culture. But it's important not to forget that first and foremost we are a child care agency. As such, we have a responsibility to our families and to our partner [...]

Child Protection and Au Pair Placement Agencies2021-12-09T08:39:24-05:00


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