Now that you’ve chosen your Au Pair, interviewed them and signed the Employment Contract, all that is left to do is play the waiting game. From now until your Au Pair’s arrival, there are a few things you can do to prepare yourself and your family for the new addition!

1. Explain the change to your children. Having a new person live-in with your family may seem strange to your little ones, especially if this is your first Au Pair. Sit down with your kids and explain who the Au Pair is, how long she’ll be staying with you and what her role will be in your family. Rather than springing it upon them the week of her arrival, slowly introduce the idea by getting them excited. “The Au Pair arrives in 30 more days!”, “Only a week until Anna is joining our family!”, “Make sure you tell your friends at soccer practice about our Au Pair.” Getting the kids excited will make for an easier transition.

2. Have a picture of your Au Pair. Ask your Au Pair to send a picture of themselves so you can post it up on your fridge. This will provide a daily reminder to your children of your Au Pair’s imminent arrival. The more familiar they are with her face and the less of a surprise it will be once she is in person. You can even get yours kids excited by having them draw pictures to send to your Au Pair.

3. Skype one last time. About a week before your Au Pair’s arrival, schedule a Skype to discuss any last minute details. What will the weather be like when she arrives? Who will be picking her up at the airport? How many bags is she planning on bringing? Does she need any tips on packing? This will also show your excitement for her arrival.

4. Insurance. If you are planning on having your Au Pair drive while she is in Canada, be sure to contact your insurance provider to get her onto the vehicles insurance policy. Doing this beforehand reduces stress and once she arrived, you can take her out driving the first week of her arrival.

5. Prepare her bedroom. Just like “nesting” for new parents, preparing a bedroom can mentally prepare your family for your Au Pair’s arrival. Have the kids pick out a new bedspread or decorate the door. Make sure the room has fresh sheets and towels and that there is plenty of closet space! This is not something you want to leave last minute, especially if there is some rearranging to do.

6. Make a sign. There is nothing sweeter than seeing “Welcome” signs at Arrivals. Before heading to the airport to pick up your Au Pair, have your kids make a sign. This simple act will show your hospitality and excitement!

Contact us before your Au Pair’s arrival to make sure you have everything prepared and ready to go for your new set of helping hands!