Now that your Au Pair has been with your family for a while, it may seem as though she is having a enjoyable time in Canada as she is making new friends, improving upon her English skill and having fun with your children. Things may seem to be peachy keen but there are some things that your Au Pair may not want you to know. Here is a list of things your Au Pair may not want you to know:

1. She was terrified on her plane ride over. Although masked by excitement, your Au Pair was absolutely terrified when she got onto the plane to come to Canada. A part of her was screaming, “What are you doing? Get off this plane and back to your own home!” Instead, she trekhed on and made it to your home.
2. She accidentally gave your kids the wrong snack. Without even knowing it, she gave your kids the special granola bars without offering fruit first. Remember, she is still learning your family/household rules.
3. And she ate some of the special snack. Those cookies you bought for the kids for a Friday treat, she may have gotten into them early before knowing what they were intended for. You may have to buy two packages of oreos next time.
4. She can’t wait for a night out with friends. After a long week of being with the kids, she probably just wants to go out with some friends to unwind and be a young adult. Although she may not overtly say this, give her the freedom to come and go as she pleases on her time off.
5. She does not understand why you parent the way you do. That’s okay, but be sure to share with your Au Pair your parenting styles to make sure there is consistency in the house. When she understands and practices your parenting styles, your children can have a seamless transition between time with parents and time with Au Pair.
6. She cannot read your mind. You Au Pair wants to do a good job and feel as though she fully understands you, but she doesn’t and she may feel too nervous to tell you. Be sure you are open with your Au Pair about your expectations and ask questions to make sure she fully understands them.
7. She really wants you to like her. She wants to make a connection with your family and be a part of it. By putting in the effort to make her involved in your family’s routines, you are providing your family a unique opportunity to make a new and special relationship.

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