Kiara, Germany, Au Pair Classic


• Age: 18 years old
• Arrival: May 14th 2018
• Length of placement: 6 months
• Child care experience: 318 hours of childcare experience mainly as a sports coach and tutor with children between 5-16 years old
• Driver’s license since: December 2016, drives 3-5 times per day
• Hobbies: Very passionate about martial arts and creative in calligraphy
• Swimming: Intermediate swimmer
• Other: Work experience in a chemical plant
• Reference says: Kiara is absolutely reliable, flexible and always on time. I can count on her to stand in for me at short notice when I’m not available and she is always prepared to help. The kids like and respect her because Kiara offers a great mixture of fun and learning.
Kiara copes very well in stressful situations which is nothing unusual when there are sometimes up to thirty kids in the gym. She keeps control, is fully concentrated and remains calm.”

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